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Our first three released products!

⚠️ JUST SPECIAL EFFECT TATTOO ⚠️ Throwback to 2020, these are the first 3 products that I released: 1. Fresh Knee Scar Tattoo

2. Healing Knee Scar Tattoo

3. Graze Knee Scar Tattoo

A little background story: wound/scar temporary tattoo that is customisable in size and having a continuity option was my first business idea. It was during pandemic and hoping this can help the industry productions with less contact, clean, and affordable! More eco-friendly options! I tried it on some student films to try it on an HD camera and it worked! ✨🎉 I experimented with different techniques, different papers, glues, and ink. Until I found the paper that provides recyclable paper & plant-based ink! *To be continued* #temporarytattoo #horrorhags #sfxmakeup #spfxmakeup #makeupfx #fakescar #faketattoo #sfxatlas #fakebruise #filmproduction

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Where is my order?

We use royal mail to send your products if you purchase on our website or Etsy. - When will you get your order? The answer it's all depending on which category you chose your package to be delivered.


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